Tree Fertilizing Sea Bright NJ

Tree Fertilizing Sea Bright NJ

One of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas of tree and shrub health is how to create a better, stronger root system.  It’s a proven fact that proper fertilization can improve the health and appearance of your landscape plants and trees. BEST TREE AND SHRUB applies custom blends of micro and macro nutrients combined with bio- stimulants and root enhancers.  Our highly skilled tree technicians will methodically deep fertilize the roots of your trees and shrubs to supply them with nutrients they need to flourish.

Tree Fertilizing Sea Bright NJ
Tree Fertilizing Sea Bright NJ

Trees and shrubs are just like other living things… they need nutrients and proper feeding to sustain a good quality of life.  In New Jersey, we value our trees as important parts of our landscaping and we should treat them right.  Shade and ornamental trees can be greatly improved by regular tree care including fertilizing. Like all plants, trees are dependent on sunlight, water, air and certain nutrients present in the soil for normal growth. Under forest conditions, the annual fall of leaves and twigs and their decomposition provide a fresh source of nutrients. However, in urban lawns or similar areas, trees are usually denied this source of soil enrichment with leaf collection. Infertile soils often result around new homes when soil is removed for the basement and spread around the new house. Even trees growing in good soil will benefit from fertilization especially where compacted soil or normal root growth may be reduced by sidewalks, driveways or building foundations. Fertilizing trees is also helpful in developing good leaf color, recovering from insect damage or injury, and in simulating general vigor of the tree.

What signs indicate the need to fertilize my trees?

There is no single indicator, however specific conditions like leaves smaller than usual size, presence of light green or off color leaves, ends of branches containing dead twigs, very short elongation of branches during growing season and a general lack of vigor.

When should fertilizer be applied?

Spring is usually the best time to fertilize trees and shrubs making the nutrients available for the current growing season. However, Fall is also an optimal time to fertilize since root growth and uptake continues until early December and will benefit the trees ability to survive winter and be available for the spring growth.

How are trees fertilized?

At BEST, we prefer and recommend to feed your trees and shrubs with deep root injection. Deep root injection is the preferred method of all trained and certified arborists and it’s better because you are placing the fertilizer and other nutrients directly in the root zone where they are available for root uptake and reducing burn potential.

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