Tick Outlook Monmouth County NJ 2021

Tick Outlook Monmouth County NJ 2021

Tick Outlook Monmouth County NJ 2021


Ticks can be nuisances (no one wants to have to tweezer a tick off their skin, or their child’s skin, or a pet’s), and due to the diseases they carry, then can be real threats to human health. What’s worse is that while there is a primary time of year when ticks are most active—late spring, summer, and early fall—ticks are reproducing, finding hosts, and acting like pests in general all throughout the year.

As “tick expert” Dr. Thomas Mather says, “Tick season is pretty much every season.”

Still, climatic conditions can make some years worse for ticks than others. Ticks thrive in humidity, so a wet year can boost populations and increase the number of places they can live in. And warm winters and lingering summer heat add weeks of activity for the animals that ticks use as hosts, making them more likely to spread into the areas where humans live.

For 2021, forecasters predict that the warm-weather months in the US will be a bad time for anyone who wants to avoid ticks, with tick populations likely to be larger than usual, and weather conditions likely to put ticks in range of people for much longer than average. And while some regions, most notably the Southeast, may not see more tick activity than usual, most states will experience the warmer, wetter conditions that drive tick populations—and the prospect of tick borne diseases—skyward.

Tick Outlook Monmouth County NJ 2021
Tick Outlook Monmouth County NJ 2021

2021 Tick Forecast for the Northeast

The Northeast has been getting warmer over the past few decades, and this year is no exception, with the National Weather Service, predicting a 70 to 80 percent chance of summer temperatures ranging above average this spring and summer. At the same time, however, some forecasters, including the National Pest Management Association, are forecasting a summer that’s cooler than recent years and wetter than average. Since humidity is a big driver of tick populations and activity during the warmer months, this means that the northeast will see more tick activity in 2021 across the region, with tick season lasting from around April to mid-to-late October.

Disease Threats

Tick-borne diseases affecting the Northeast include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and tularemia

Original Article Or To Learn More Here: https://www.pests.org/2021-tick-forecast/



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