Tick And Flea Control Monmouth Middlesex And Ocean Counties NJ

Tick Control Monmouth Middlesex And Ocean Counties NJTick And Flea Control Monmouth, Middlesex And Ocean County Experts. Getting a tick bite or finding a tick on one of your pets or loved ones is scary. What’s even scarier is that a tick can be infected with Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountains Spotted Fever, both very serious illnesses. Ticks and fleas are easily be passed on between pets and humans.  If your yard is in proximity to the wood lines, open to fields, or if  you have spotted wildlife around your property, then the potential for a tick or flea problems is much more likely. The best way to protect you, your family, your pets, and your guests from tick bites is to protect your yard of these pesky and potentially harmful critters.

Fleas must be eliminated from your lawn and garden because they easily move inside your home on pets or humans. They usually multiply rapidly and can quickly infest carpets and upholstered furniture. Outside or inside fleas usually require multiple treatments for complete control.


We can help keep ticks and fleas away from your family by working with you to develop a solid plan for their control. Prompt scheduled treatments as soon as a problem is noticed will prevent the invaders from migrating to inside living spaces.

BEST PEST CONTROL  has tick and flea protection programs  which are designed to protect your entire yard. Our licensed specialist will perform an onsite inspection and specifically design the bestspray program for your property. Our spray treatments eliminate ticks and fleas on contact and continues protecting your yard for the next couple weeks.

Whatever you tick and flea control needs, please feel free to call us for more information.