Soil Testing Monmouth Middlesex And Ocean Counties


         NJ Governor Signs Fertilizer Legislature:  January 5, 2011

njgic logo– New Jersey’s Fertilizer Pre-Emption Bill (A. 2290) was signed by Governor Christie

  • Effective January 5, 2012: One (1) year from date of signing, the bill went into effect requiring all professionals to be additionally tested and certified; setting limits of nitrogen content and banning the use of phosphorous without soil testing.

“No phosphorus can be used unless soil test proves phosphorus application needed or after soil disturbance when reestablishing turf surfaces.”


How have turf care providers addressed the new law? Since January 5, 2012, turf care providers can not apply these nutrients to your lawn without a soil test that has been taken within the last 3 years. Lawn care providers have dropped these nutrients from their programs and have not educated their clients of the inevitable – which is a depletion of these nutrients that will affect lawn quality. A thorough soil test will act as a watchful eye over turf care providers in that tests will show if they are applying nutrients to their property as they claim they are – SOMETHING THAT HAS OUR COMPETITION CONCERNED.

So what has BEST been doing different since the new law? In an effort to start off on the correct agronomic path, Best Turf Care required that all new clients start service with a soil test and a commitment to retesting every 3 years, as required by law. Without this commitment we will not contract for turf care services. Getting your soil sampled and tested every 3 years will improve your lawn tremendously, allow us to apply the proper nutrients and will make it easier to determine the environmental impacts that occur on your lawn. Best has developed a way to make the necessary adjustments to your turf care program as test results change. In almost all cases the nutrient adjustments are included in your program. Micro nutrient enhanced pelletized lime up to 25 lbs per 1000 square feet is also included on the seven step program.

Studies prove that excessive, inadequate or the total elimination of a nutrient will have a significant negative impact on your turf quality. Our studies show that in just as short as one season that the soil requires these eliminated nutrients and unless a soil sample is taken the application of these nutrients is illegal. Without question, in time, soils that are not being supplemented with the proper nutrients become nutrient depleted.

Who can test my soil? Best probes your soil from multiple locations on your property, packages the soil, codes, ships, and instructs an independent laboratory to perform the proper work up on your soil. We then receive the test results for study, adjust your program and include a copy of the results with your monthly statement.

Soil Testing Monmouth Middlesex And Ocean CountiesAs of January 5th, 2012, no phosphorous can be used on a lawn unless a soil test conclusively proves that phosphorous is needed.  Turf care providers cannot apply these nutrients to your lawn, unless a soil test has been conducted within the last three years. However, without the application of these nutrients, lawns will undergo depletion and lose quality.

At BEST TURF CARE, we require that all new clients begin service with a soil sample and committing to retesting their soil every three years, as required by law. Testing every three years will help your lawn greatly and effectively identify the factors that contribute to your lawn’s strengths and weaknesses. Best Lawn has developed a way to make the necessary adjustments to your lawn care as soil samples change its maintenance requirements. Whether your lawn is in Rumson or Tinton Falls, we guarantee you need those nutrients.

Our studies show that in just a season or two, the soil requires these nutrients in order to thrive. Without a soil sample, we are restricted from providing your lawn with proper nourishment. Call Best Turf CARE today, and get a soil test performed by experts. Find out why we’re New Jersey’s number one lawn maintenance company and why BEST TURF CARE requires soil testing prior to starting a lawn treatment program in Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean County. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.WeCareLogos