Pest Control

Lawns are often ravaged by pests of all varieties, getting into the soil, destroying root systems, and consuming trees and shrubs. At Best Lawn, our experts have the know how and skill set required to take on any pest invading your gorgeous green, including:

Moles – Insectivores that destroy lawns via the creation of tunnels.

Ticks – Infect healthy trees and carry Lyme Disease

Japanese Beetle – Destroy root systems and keep grass from properly growing

Cinch Bugs – Eat grass and remove plant fluids, injecting a toxin that kills healthy grass

Don’t let your lawn be overrun with pests! At Best Tree & Shrub, we specialize in pest control. We’re New Jersey’s number one pest control program, servicing the homes of Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean county. Whether your home is in Rumson or Red Bank, if it’s got pests, we’ve got you covered.