Nut Grass and Grub Control

A problem with lawn grubs or nut grass can cause serious damage to the health, appearance, and natural defenses of your lawn. But with the BEST Turf Care on your side, these invasive pests and weeds don’t stand a chance.

Why You Need a Grub Killer

Lawn grubs are one of the most destructive lawn pests, often found feeding on the roots of your grass and causing serious damage. If you’ve spotted these tiny, c-shaped critters in your lawn, take action and protect your lawn with grub control services from BEST Turf Care. Using a variety of treatment methods, including the application of the bacterium Paenibacillus papillae, commonly called milky spore, our experts target and kill existing grubs, saving your lawn from long-term destruction. Plus, we can help your lawn recover from any damage already caused by lawn grubs.

Why You Need a Kyllinga, Nut Grass and Nutsedge Killer

Nutsedge, Kyllinga or nut grass, is a grassy weed that’s often an indication of poor drainage or over watering. As New Jersey’s renowned nutsedge killer, we know that this weed is best controlled when caught early in its lifecycle. We also understand that like many weeds, as nutsedge matures it becomes more resistant to products targeted at eradicating it. Our lawn care program includes spot treatment of summer grassy weeds with our regular applications. However, if nutsedge persists it may require separate applications with products designed specifically for nut grass control.

When you need a nutsedge killer or grub killer, you need the professional services of BEST Turf Care. For more information about grub control, milky spore treatment, kyllinga or nut grass, contact us today at 732.683.1212 or email us for a free consultation.