yarcleanupsmall2One of the most misunderstood, yet important aspects of landscape maintenance is mulch.  The fact is, proper mulching can immediately improve the visual appeal of your home and your entire landscape, but if done improperly, mulching can have adverse side effects that can lead to major issues with your plants and trees.

Every spring, BEST recommends that you call one of our experts to review your yard and the landscape beds for a mulch and maintenance review.  We will thoroughly check your trees, bushes and shrubs to ensure that they are in good health.  Next, we will take some measurements and let you know what depth and how many yards you will actually need to properly cover your landscaping with mulch.  Finally, we will schedule an appointment and take all the hassle out of the mulching process by painlessly installing any color, material and quantity of mulch you need.

mulch pics

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