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Monmouth Middlesex and Ocean County Lawn Care Experts

A beautiful weed- and insect-free green lawn provides the perfect setting for quality family time, encouraging everything from backyard barbeques to Frisbee tosses. Achieving this has everything to do with proper lawn care. Our grass maintenance professionals make it their business to get your lawn in the best shape of its life and to keep it that way with regular maintenance. From lawn fertilizer to grass seeding and bagged mowing, we know what it takes to make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood.

Our Lawn Care and Lawn Weed Service

Our seven-step grass maintenance program consists of specific applications customized to your lawn needs:

Early Spring: Pre-emergent, crabgrass control and a balanced lawn fertilizer for a quick recovery from winter damage. Broadleaf lawn weed service (weather permitting).

Spring: Weed control and balanced fertilizers to achieve a green lawn and improve density. Inspection for grubs and sub-surface feeding insects and treated accordingly.

Early Summer: Balanced lawn fertilizer to help prepare your lawn for the summer ahead. Lawn weed service with spot weed control as needed. Inspect lawn for surface feeding insects. May include grub preventive treatment (if needed).

Late Summer: Balanced fertilizer to help maintain color without promoting growth. Spot weed control as needed. Lawn is inspected for damage caused by insects.

Early Fall: Weed control and balanced fertilizers to help thicken your green lawn while promoting new root growth. We will inspect for insects and weed problems and recommend lawn care treatment if needed.

Fall/Late Fall: Contains a special lawn fertilizer to promote root growth and food storage for winter survival, allowing for a faster green-up in the spring.

Fall/Late Fall: Up to 25 lb. per 1,000 square feet of dolomitic or calcitic pelletized lime with micro-nutrients (as warranted from soil sample).

You don’t want to spend your time worrying about fertilizing, seeding and pest control. Let BEST Turf Care and grass maintenance do the heavy lifting. If you’d like to sit back, relax and enjoy the lawn of your dreams, call us today at 732.683.1212 or email us for a free consultation.WeCareLogos