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Tree Spaying & Neutering

A highly destructive pest, the Japanese beetle, damages trees and shrubs by feeding on leaves which makes the plant look terrible and more importantly the Japanese beetle weakness the plants ability to survive thru adverse conditions. The grubs feed on grass roots and destroys  your lawn. Best has seen many cases where turf has been completely destroyed  in a  48 period. First found in Riverton, NJ in 1916, these creatures infested the local area. Susceptible to a milky spore disease, the USDA developed a biological control in the form of a powder to apply to your lawn. General application of the powder (low density across a broad area) takes between 1-5 years to optimize protection and prevent larval growth.

Best will destroy these pests for you. We’re the number one Japanese Beetle controller for Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties. Rather than having to apply controls over your lawn, worrying about timing and frequency, Best will help you out. We’ve got it down to a science that will prevent Japanese beetles from turning your lawn into a wasteland.japb2