Monmouth Middlesex and Ocean Counties Planting

Monmouth Middlesex and Ocean Counties Planting  Monmouth Middlesex and Ocean Counties Planting

Have you been scouring the local landscape yards or garden centers in search of the perfect tree or shrub?  Once you have found it, then what?  Sometimes you need a professional hand when transporting or installing your new specimen and BEST TREE & SHRUB is one of the few landscaping companies that will actually plant a tree that you don’t buy from us.

In fact, BEST is happy to plant or TRANSPLANT any size tree or shrub that you can find.  From one to 100, just place a call to our office and we will get you quote on adding your latest finds perfectly into your existing landscape.Untitled-4

Besides planting larger trees & shrubs in NJ, BEST will even plant seasonal ornamental flowers and perennials.   Let our highly skilled staff of landscape artists create a whole new look for your home this season.  We can make suggestions on placement, colors and even specific plants that will thrive in your yard.