Monmouth County Tree Pruning

Monmouth County Tree PruningMonmouth County Tree Pruning

We are the #1 Monmouth County Tree Pruning Service

Pruning can be a complicated thing to handle by yourself, tedious and nerve-racking as the wrong cut could cause problems to appear throughout the tree. It’s important to know what you’re doing, and as the number one limb pruning service in Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties, we’ve mastered how to prune perfectly. Our Monmouth County Tree Pruning service is second to none!

Limbs are pruned, generally, if they’re:

  • dead or diseased
  • crossing or rubbing another limb
  • growing inward
  • competing with another branch
  • to raise or open the canopy for more vertical clearance or light on the ground

Tree Root Pruning

Monmouth County Tree PruningPruning roots incorrectly can cause major damage to your root system and result in trees tipping or falling over. Trenching and digging near trees can cause damage, and typically speaking, the more and closer you cut to the trunk, the worse the damage can be.

It takes great precision in order to properly prune your roots. If you don’t want a tree falling and possibly damaging your property or worse, we recommend hiring an expert. Here at Best Tree/Shrub, we’ve got the technical skills and know how to assess any tree and take care of it in a safe manner. We’re the #1 Monmouth County Tree Pruning service.

Monmouth County Tree PruningMonmouth County Tree Pruning