Best Horticultural Services is PROUD to be the only full service residential maintenance lawn, landscape, tree care, low voltage lighting and irrigation company in New Jersey. We are certified and licensed by all the major associations and state programs. Best Horticultural Services takes pride in the fact that our certifications and expert credentials set us apart from the many.  Our uniformed, trained, and licensed staff is required and monitored by New Jersey state licensing agencies to attend continued educational classes in order to provide you with the current approved practices in all of our service divisions. This is how the family owned business, since 1983, has grown to be the most trusted service company on your property.  TRUST IN BEST  HORTICULTURAL SERVICES when you want the job done properly and with spectacular results.


N.J. Pesticide License No. 68236Atree-removal-company-chicago-fully-insured-02

N.J. Tree & Turf Business License No. 96718A

N.J. Irrigation Lic No. 188214

N.J. Certified Irrigation Contractor No. 004281

National Irrigation Contractor No. 51334

N.J.H.I.C. No 13VH00564800

NJ Profact certified ID #: C0000924

NJ LICBP No. 658376