Leaf Spot


Many lawns in Rumson and Middletown are ravaged by leaf spot every year, turning what should be p bact leaf spot on cone 2gorgeous greenery into an ugly, infected zone. Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties are familiar with leaf spot due to its distinctive appearance. Caused by a parasitic fungi or bacteria, leaf spot appears as round blemishes with a dark border that seem to be causing decay on plant and tree leaves. Leaf Spot comes in one of three formations, typically:

Leaf and Shoot Blight
Leaf and shoot blight distorts and curls leaves, causing them to form irregular brown-to-black blotches. Stems constrict and turn dark.
Marssonina Leaf Spot
The most common disease, it’s easily identified by the dark brown-to-black flecks scattered over the leaf surface, which gradually enlarge.
Leaf Rust
Characterized by yellow spots on the upper leaf surface, Leaf Rust is typically a cosmetic problem, but one that may cause your lawn to get some raised eyebrows.

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