Lawn Seed for Your New Jersey Yard

Lawn Care Protection Policy Maintenance Plan 5Anybody who takes pride in their yard work strives for a lush, thick, almost carpet-like quality in their lawn. But do you realize how important lawn seed is to the process? Seeding and grass fertilizer not only create a thick lawn that looks nicer, but this helps to regulate many factors that can cause harm. From maintaining ideal hydration to planting grass with a density that prevents weeds from taking root, BEST Turf Care is one of the top lawn care companies in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties that has the know-how to keep your lawn thick and healthy.

Planting Grass Seed in Central New Jersey

If your lawn isn’t completely lush and green, before you think about lawn seed, you need to figure out what the problem is. In our experience as one of Central Jersey’s renowned lawn care companies, thin or discolored spots are usually caused by lack of soil nutrients.  This is why we do soil testing PRIOR to any services.  A soil test must be done to find out what nutrients the soil is lacking.  Did you know that the State of NJ does not allow you to put 1 of the 3 macro nutrients (Phospherus) on your lawn WITHOUT doing a soil test. This means that many other companies leave that nutrient out of their programs, which is only hurting your soil.  There are measures you can take to control the damage, but getting your lawn to grow evenly again is likely going to require some reseeding lawn care combined with the right grass fertilizer.

Fertilization is Key to a Great Lawn

When you partner with BEST Turf Care, you get years of knowledge about planting grass. When it comes to planting grass seed, we understand which certified varieties, mixtures and blends will assure a superior lawn that will beautify your property for years and years to come.

If you want to take control of your landscape and beautify your lawn, call the lawn seed and grass fertilizer experts at BEST Turf Care today at 732.683.1212 or email us for a free consultation.