Lawn Care Services

Is your lawn as lush and green as you’d like it to be? If the answer is no, the lawn repair professionals at Best Turf Care are at your service. As New Jersey’s leading provider of lawn care services, our team of certified specialists will work to provide tailored lawn treatment and maintenance to bring out your lawn’s full potential.

Our Approach to Lawn Repair and Renovation

Determine the problem.
If you don’t figure out why your lawn needs repair, attempting to fix it could be a waste of time. For example, if grubs are the issue, you’ll need lawn treatment for them before planting new grass. If lawn diseases are the culprit, you’ll need to diagnose and address that issue first.  But most importantly, a soil test must be done to find out what nutrients the soil is lacking.  In fact, phosphorus is illegal to apply in NJ without first doing a soil test. Learn more

Give the grass a fresh start.

If more than half of your yard is in desperate need of lawn repair, we may need to start from scratch. Our professionals will spray the lawn with a herbicide to kill all vegetation, allowing new turf to re-establish quickly.
Start seeding (Late Summer – August)

Now it’s time to plant your lawn. Our lawn care services experts know just the right balance. We understand which certified seeding varieties, mixtures and blends will assure a superior lawn that will beautify your property for the long run.

Water it well.

When everything is planted, it’s up to you to keep your repaired lawn moist but allowing it to dry out to discourage lawn diseases. For the first week after planting, never allow the soil to get dry.  Once the lawn is growing strong, our lawn maintenance crew will provide you a watering schedule.

Don’t forget to fertilize.

When the grass shoots are about an inch long, it’s time to apply fertilizer to encourage growth. But make sure there’s growth or you can end up burning the roots and require further lawn treatment and repair.

Don’t feel like you’re all alone in the process of renovating your lawn. Since 1983, BEST Turf Care has been transforming landscapes with cutting-edge lawn maintenance and lawn repair. Call us today at 732.683.1212 or email us for a free consultation.